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Writer’s block is a common term in the writing world. Every writer has heard it, and probably most have experienced it in one form or another. No one knows why it happens, but a few have discovered how to make it leave. Regardless, when you sit down to write and the words don’t flow like they are supposed to, it can be a very frustrating time. MK Writing services spoke with a few authors who have experienced writer’s block and they offered some sound advice.

Schedule a Time to Write

One author suggests making a schedule for writing, a daily time you set aside to write with a daily goal in mind. Set the atmosphere to one you find conducive to writing—soft music, a fan blowing on you, or even sitting in a cafe—and just write.


When you find the words aren’t flowing, think of something off topic, a memory or a dream, and start a new document and write that. Often just getting the creative part of our brain firing will help spark new life to the parts of your brain’s creative center that doesn’t want to work.

Take a Break

Another author says you should treat yourself! Take a break from writing, and allow the muse to flow when it will, knowing that creativity is a part of who you are and eventually it will return. In the mean time, focus on other creative pursuits: your cover design, character sketches, gardening, painting… Whatever it is you do to unwind and relax, do that thing.

Try Things to Relax and Spark Creativity

Still other authors mention ideas such as rereading what you’ve written to spark your own interest in the document, starting a different project you may be more excited about, meeting with other author friends who share similar interests and discussing your work, or even joining a writers group that meets online or in person for an added bit of peer pressure. One person even suggested doing writing sprints. She said something about having a timer running in the background made her brain click back to life.

Whatever the case, if you find yourself stuck and in need of a bit of encouragement to continue writing, don’t give up hope. Reach out to your writer friends, or look us up on Twitter or Facebook! Creativity is inside of you just waiting to burst out.

Next Time You Get Stuck Try:

  • Setting a schedule and sticking to it
  • Taking a break from writing to pursue other aspects of your project
  • Getting creative in other ways
  • Spending time with friends who may be able to inspire creativity
  • Teaming up with other authors to challenge each other

Still stuck? Maybe you need to get some one-on-one author coaching! Our team of experts can help you find your inspiration and muse.

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~Martha Reineke

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