How many times have you had a great idea for a story or novel but you weren’t sure how to write it out? Writing can be a very intensive process: it involves a lot of research, outlining, and rewriting drafts. Writing can be a very rewarding job but it can also be very intimidating. Many people abandon great ideas because they do not know where to get started. A client can have an excellent idea for a story but no experience with writing. Asking for help with the writing process may be the next best step! A ghost writer takes on the arduous process of the outlining and writing for the client.

  • The client is the one who hires a ghostwriters is the one who has the idea for the content. They hire the ghostwriter to (plausibly) outline, draft, and write their content. They agree upon a fee, and the client takes credit for the work that is produced.
  • Ghostwriters have the job of writing and producing content for a client. They take a fee for producing content, and write all of the content. They do not get credit for their ghostwriting work, but write the content for the aforementioned client.

Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

There are many reasons to hire a ghostwriter but it isn’t talked about very often. Sometimes it can be as simple as writing ads, or copy for businesses. You can also hire a ghostwriter to rewrite material. The best term for a ghostwriter is a freelancer, as they can be used for many different things. Freelance writers are primarily hired to make professional, well-written copy.

Another reason to hire a ghostwriter, as previously mentioned is to write books. The client would hire the ghostwriter to write their story for them. This process changes from company to company, but this means collaborating: the client and the ghostwriter working together to make sure that the client’s needs are met. That can look different from client to client but could include working on a draft, outline, and then ultimately going over rewrites together.

Ghost writers can also serve as more than just the writers than the project as well. They can help as developmental editors, helping with early processes of the projects as well. The labor that comes from a ghost writer depends on the project they are working on. It depends on what will make the project the most successful. A ghost writer is more accurately used for many projects: speeches, books, papers, articles, podcasts, etc. Anything that the clients want to create with the writer.

Ghostwriting is a great idea if you want to explore an idea that you aren’t sure how to write yourself. Ghostwriters are there to help your write out your idea, and push it as much as you can. They are also there to bounce ideas off of.

Who Has Used Ghostwriters?

Many people have used ghostwriters. Even celebrities! Writing can be really hard, so sometimes using someone who you can trust to write your book for you. The ideas are yours, you are just getting help. There is no shame to using a ghostwriter, either. Ghosting has occurred in well-known popular music as well. A pop music writer will write lyrics and a melody in the style of the musician they were paid to write for.

  • Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz, the has published a book called Gray which is based on his experiences with mental illness. It credits in the novel itself, James Montogomery as a cowriter.

  • Pamala Anderson

Pamala Anderson has published two books: Star and Star Struck, both which she has spoken to being co-written by Erik Shaw Quinn.

  • Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff has started writing young adult novels, and confessed to having a ghostwriter because she is horrible at spelling.

  • Carolyn Keen

Carolyn Keen, the “author” of the Nancy Drew books was actually a pseudonym created by the publishers. The books were written by a series of ghostwriters.

  • R.L Stine


R.L. Stine started out writing his own books but hired ghostwriters to keep up with the popularity of his series.

Famous Ghostwriters

There are a few authors who were also ghostwriters. Ghostwriting is a different skillset then writing. You have to be able to capture another person’s voice entirely. Not every author is capable or willing to do so. You may be surprised to learn who did so before their own careers took off.

  • H.P. Lovecraft

Fans of horror will instantly recognize H.P. Lovecraft’s name. He is a classic for a good reason. He created many of supernatural horror’s monsters classics, including, Cthulhu. He was hired to ghostwrite Under the Pyramids, about Harry Houdini. He was then commissioned to ghostwrite another product. His career actually took off when Weird Tales bought his short stories.

  • Peter Lerangis

Peter Lerangis is his own author today having been a part of The 39 Clues books and having written the Seven Wonders. However, before that he ghostwrote for an even more famous book. When the Babysitters Club author had to stop writing for awhile he was able to ghostwrite for her.

  • K.A. Applegate


Applegate is the author of the Animorphs series. She found commercial success with that series, and actually ended up hiring a ghostwriter to write a portion of that series. She is very transparent with this fact, and has admitted this publicly. The ghostwriter is also acknowledged fully. She has ghostwritten as well. Applegate ghostwrote for Sweet Valley High.

Collaboration is key when working with a ghostwriter

If you’re looking to write a story it’s not impossible to do it yourself. If you want to write a novel that is an amazing journey that can be very rewarding. However, if you aren’t sure where to start and need the help of a seasoned writer, a ghostwriter could be the place to start. Ghostwriters can help you outline, and draft your ideas. It’s much easier when you have someone who is guiding you the whole way, and helping your ideas be the best they can be.

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