Book Cover Design

You should never judge a book by its cover, but readers do it all the time! 

What does a book cover say about its contents? The wrapper speaks to the quality and professionalism of the publisher. It hints at the genre, style, and era of the writing. A superior book cover can make or break your sales on bookshelves and storefronts wherever your novel is competing for eyes.

Our Book Cover Design services will complement any book by wrapping your words in an irresistible package. With options for ebook, paperback, hard cover, and audiobook covers, our design team will have your book dressed up to “wow” readers in no time.

Have a specific vision? Our professional graphic designers will help you bring it to life. Don’t know where to start? We can create concept designs for you to choose from based on what’s selling in your genre. We can also renovate an existing cover, allowing you to re-launch your book with a fresh face. Each cover is a collaboration between author and designer, ensuring you will love the final product.

Your book cover can compete with the best-selling books in your niche, be it fiction or nonfiction. Our designs are created to Amazon KDP publishing specifications, so you’re ready to publish right away.

Cost: from $150 for a single format

Book Formatting

Turning a manuscript into a book may seem like a daunting task even for the uninitiated. Let our professional book interior designers make the inside of your novel beautiful!

Unlike other agencies, MK doesn’t double-charge you: all formatting purchases include both ebook and print formats. You own the copyright to your cover design, with no obligation to credit us in any way.

Formatting Types

Classic Ebook + Print Formatting ($140 USD flat-rate or pay $70 for one format) is done using Vellum software. Vellum enables our designers to format your book quickly, saving you money, but customization options are limited. Classic Formatting is ideal for adult or young adult fiction books and nonfiction books that include no more than a few tables or figures.

Deluxe Formatting ($8 per 1k words of writing – one format) is done using InDesign. This takes more time on the part of our designers but allows much greater flexibility in regards to font choices, tabular formatting, and other options. Choose Deluxe Custom Formatting for technical or instructional nonfiction books, cookbooks, or any time you want greater control over your interior design.

Graphic Formatting ($5 per page) Graphic Format is a custom interior design and text format service, with use of images and graphics through the pages and a dynamic layout that changes based on the content. This service includes a bundle of (up to) 50 licensed stock images.

Cost: from $70

KDP Publishing

For first-time self-publishers, getting your book set up on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) may be confusing. Let us handle the nitty-gritty for you! Our KDP Publishing service not only helps you get your accounts set up and your book online and ready to sell, but comes with free author coaching to walk you through how to publish future books. 

This package comes with a free launch checklist you can use to plan your marketing efforts (other marketing advice is not included). 

Note: this service does not include editing, formatting, writing the book description/author bio, or any design services. It’s all about establishing your Amazon storefront and preparing you to get paid.

Cost: $225

Client testimonials

The fine folks at MK Editing have been absolutely fantastic to work with. They get work done in a timely manner and ALWAYS make sure the author gets exactly what they need and expect. Thank you MK Editing for all your help. I look forward to a great working relationship for the foreseeable future.