Line Critiques

With most editing agencies, you will pay separately for proofreading and stylistic corrections. Our unique line critique service combines the best of both worlds: a review of grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and formatting (copyediting), plus an analysis of each individual sentence in your manuscript, looking at word choice, tone, delivery, and clarity (line editing).

Our professional line critique is a complete and thorough line-by-line analysis, including:

If you’re looking for guidance on the structure of your book, consider adding Development Editing services to your order at a discounted rate when you purchase both line editing and development editing.

Cost: $10 USD per 1,000 words

Developmental Editing

A developmental edit is the big one! Your editor will make sure there are no plot holes; fix pacing, voicing, and flow; correct any issues with character, scene, and world development; and remove fluff. They will focus on the big-picture items that give good organization and structure. This edit will not include grammar or syntax changes, only substantive changes. This one helps you get your story in order and intact.

Development editing is concerned with the overall structure of the manuscript. Our talented editors will look for plot holes, pacing problems, continuity errors, and storytelling pitfalls.

A development edit will typically require much heavier rewrites than a line critique. It’s often helpful to bring a development editor in during the outlining stage to make recommendations on structure before writing begins.

For a complete editing package, add the Beta Reading Service, Line Critique Service, and Development Editing to your cart or Contact Us for a hefty discount.

Cost: $8 USD per 1,000 words

Beta Reading Services

So your manuscript is complete and now it’s time to find out how it reads. Beta reading can be a starting point or an ending point.

Our services are aimed to be affordable and give your unreleased work feedback from the point of view of an average reader. We provide advice and comments in the opinions of your target audience. If you require feedback to fix remaining issues with plot, pacing, and consistency, we’re here to help.

If you’re not sure where to start with editing services, we recommend our Beta Reading Service. One of our skilled editors will read your manuscript and provide feedback, including recommendations for the type of editing (copy, line, and/or development) from which your manuscript would most benefit.

For a manuscript that might need a more in-depth look, try our In-Depth Beta Reading Service. This option offers more thorough feedback with clear direction for you to make improvements. More comprehensive than our basic beta service, we dive into the meat of your manuscript’s structural issues and help you sort out tone and pacing. It’s not quite a developmental edit, but you’ll walk away feeling like you’ve been given more than your money’s worth.

Cost: $25 or $75 USD flat rate (Orders over 100,000 words please request a custom quote.)

Client testimonials

I used Martha Reineke as a beta reader for my recently completed contemporary romance novel, and quickly asked her to do the same for some of my previous works. Her feedback was thorough, helpful, positive, and constructive.