Writing and revising your novel can feel a bit like trying to climb Mount Everest. We know — we’ve been there ourselves!

By the time you finish the first draft, you may look up and realize you’re still only in the foothills. To have any hope of reaching the top safely, you’ll need an adviser to prepare you with the right tools, guide your footsteps, and fix things that go wrong. On Mount Everest, this means hiring a guide who is native to the territory and who has the experience to ensure your success.

MK’s experienced professional editors and designers can be your full-service guides on your publishing adventure. Our Editing Services aim to help you perfect your written words, while our Finishing Services will take you the rest of the way with design, formatting, and publishing assistance.

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Client Testimonials

After working with them, all I can say is that I trust their work and feedback! Excellent group of people to work with! I am a small publishing business and MK Editing will be my new editing company for all my author editing services.